March 17, 2020 1 min read

When seeking action or change - we can begin by looking in the mirror ✨

At Penny Pairs, we are donating 50% of all profit for the next month to the front-liners of the COVID-19 pandemic. These funds will go directly to purchasing meals and medical supplies needed by medical staff and security. This means with every purchase, you are easing the burden even a little bit from those who are working extra hard and risking their lives at this time while most people are safe in their residences.

We are not a big brand by any means, but what we can give - we will with open hearts 💛

50% of the profit from all sales for the next month will be used to purchase either PPEs (N95 mask, gown, gloves, head covers, shoe covers, and goggles) or food and care packages for the health workers. 

For any concerns or more information, please email us at We’d be glad to hear from you.

Together let's lend a hand to those affected.

Love and light,

Penny Pairs